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A little about me

Welcome! I began this blog as a way to continue my connection with families around the world as my children and experiences grow. My book, "Growing Exceptional Seedlings: Companionship for Parents of Neurodivergent Children" is in publishing now. Through the book and this blog, I hope my experiences with neurodivergence can help you learn about and reach your children in a different, more meaningful way. 


I struggled when my children were very young as I didn't have connection with anyone who'd been where I was. I read book and blogs, and some kind of met me where I was. My husband, Leigh, and I had to piece together how we wanted our lives to look. We used a lot of trial and error, but had to create the wheel for our children. What I read and witnessed weren't reaching my kids, or weren't approaches we wanted to employ. I hope my writings help you avoid some of the same struggle we walked through in our parenting. I am here for autism support, adhd support and anything else you might need with your neurodivergent family.


  1. 20 years of teaching and childcare experience--students of all ages

  2. BS in Elementary Education

  3. MS is Psychology

  4. Special needs teaching, tutoring, parenting experience including those with dyslexia, ADHD, and autism

  5. Experience designing and implementing adaptive environments

  6. Experience teaching English to language learners

  7. Gentle parenting with focus on communication and relationship

  8. Author of "Growing Exceptional Seedlings: Companionship for Parents of Neurodivergent Kids"

  9. Featured in Lasco Press:

  10. Editor-in-chief of Special Needs Living: Detroit Metro

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Kendra Rogers

Author, CEO, Coach, Psychologist

Meet your developer and author and coach all rolled into one fancy package!

The kids

Making it all possible

Meet Rory, Will, Mack, and Kae, ( and Ruby). They are my inspiration and reason I write.

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