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Features and Engagements

I periodically get invited to podcasts and radio shows. I will update the resources here so you all can listen in!

Radio shows

April 2022 feature on the SJ Childs podcast:


A really awesome mom who has set out to create a community of special needs parents had me on her podcast. I talked about a lot of different things, but mainly how we help our kids thrive by encouraging their strengths. She has lots of other moms who talk about other aspects of raising special needs kids, so poke around her podcast list as much as you want. This is the link to my feature, though.



I was invited to participate in the Raising Happy Kids Free Virtual Summit!

Are  you desperate for hope, encouragement, new skills, and a broader  understanding of how to step into your confidence as a parent? Wouldn’t  it feel incredible to change your parenting patterns? 

Then here’s your answer -

Raising Happy Kids Summit is a free event for parents that will take place on Facebook, for two weeks – November 15-28. 

30+  speakers share their best ideas for creating that calm home-life you  have always wanted. The ideas can be implemented quickly and easily.

Learn how to:
• form healthier ways to communicate with your children, regardless of their age.
• effectively navigate daily parental challenges.
• understand your children's needs as well as your own.
• create an environment that encourages respect, empathy, and joy.
• up-level your parenting skills.
• bring out the best in your kids.

Join me on Thursday, Nov 18, 3:00 PM GMT on
Facebook when I talk about, 'Navigating life and communication with your twice exceptional child.'

How it works!

• The summit will take place on Facebook, for two weeks – November 15-28.
• You’ll be able to watch 2-4 new sessions every day. Chat with the speakers and ask your questions!
• Every session will be available for replay for 3 days.
• Scroll down to choose the sessions you’d like to attend, RSVP to get notifications.
• Enjoy!

Do  you want to have unlimited access to all the sessions and watch all the  videos at your convenience? Do you want to hang out with all the  speakers in a special Facebook group and ask any questions you have?  Well, you can for just £28!
Click here:

Coupon code: KENDRAROGERS   20% off. See less

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