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Calm and storms

Yesterday was a really wonderful day. We played together. School went very well. Few fights. We tired out the dog outside. Everyone liked dinner...mostly. We enjoyed time with each other. Mack and I played cards while Will played Feather (a calming computer game). Rory accomplished her school and didn't complain about going outside. Kae was even somewhat reasonable and less demanding. Mack had a few issues with practicing cello because he wanted more exciting pieces, but isn't well versed enough to just play anything yet. So, I printed what he wanted and he realized he couldn't play it yet. He chose to power on with things he knew already and what was next in his books. Today. Today was different. Today was needy. Today was demanding. I had high hopes for today after yesterday's success. I was wrong. Will needed lots of support for school. Mack forgot everything I had told him three seconds after I had said it. Kae fought with everyone and demanded gold on silver platters. Ruby didn't play outside like she did yesterday so it was more challenging to wear her out. And, there were a lot of needs while she was out and I was trying to accomplish laundry and book editing. Rory almost didn't get to go to the movie we had paid for already because her room was a disaster and she'd used her call time and then some anyway. Even when there is a calm day, there will likely be a stormy one soon after. I think Mack is leaping. He can't remember his head. I think Will is overwhelmed with holiday stuff. I think Rory is 12. And Kae is 3. But though the storms rage, I also need to remember that calm comes to give us reprieve. And I can rejoice in that, however short it may be. Rejoice in your calm too. Try to capture it and smell it and breathe it. Hold onto calm when storms rage.

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