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Join me in screaming

Y' has been a day!

By 10 am, there had been two arguments, two injuries (minor), and several counts of careless or selfish disobedience or oversight of expectations. In the hour that followed that, there were two counts of computer not cooperating, a child reverting to needing audiobooks (totally acceptable, but indicative of struggle), another child not listening and following writing instructions, confusion over who was using which platform for various schooling, and a realization of not having saved a previous writing assignment. All these things occurred in two hours. AND one of my professors changed the instructions and resources for an assignment I had completed AND turned in already.

Screaming is absolutely the RIGHT answer to this. I am telling you, it is okay to want to scream. Just, go away from the kids or scream silently. I can assure you that screaming in their presence only serves to scare them. We don't want that on top of everything else.

Listen. Days that seem to have everything go wrong will happen. Likely at the worst possible time, like right before Christmas. There is likely little we can do to recover the day. Maybe we stop school and decide it isn't worth it to keep banging out heads against the wall. Maybe we push through but with some accommodations. Sawyer used the audiobook. I helped Kae stay on task and follow instructions by breaking them up. I let Sawyer dictate to me the bit that wasn't saved in his typing. I had Mack mind map a new topic instead of needing to have Leigh look at his email again for a code so Mack could access the computer.

Little adjustments can smooth out a day that seems impossible. But screaming and releasing all those endorphins that build up as a result of the struggles. Especially with high needs kids, these days seem to stack on top of each other and feel never ending. Allowing ourselves to feel the stress and having ways to release it are needed. I scream. I vent to my people. I breathe. Regroup. Write. The little cherubs will live on to learn and thrive. Join me in screaming.

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1 Comment

The Autism Page
The Autism Page
Jan 19, 2022

Oh I definitely need a good scream most days to get it all out. Thanks so much for co-hosting #KCACOLS with me

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