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Long days, short week

Today was a busy day marking the culmination of a busy week. Monday and Tuesday were school days, but I also tutored both days and took kids to the library on Tuesday. Dinners were rushed. Bedtime was a blur. Leigh and I barely had time to talk about the needs of each kid during the week, much less our own needs. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were also farm days. Wednesday and Thursday are soccer days. Thursday is a music lessons day. That is all typical. But we are usually home from the farm by noon. This week, there was extra so we weren't home until almost two each day. School was a complete wash the second half of the week which leaves Will guessing as to what he is supposed to do with himself. Mack was a bit more nutty because of the lack of structure too. Kae has been over the top with demands and inflexibility. Fina and Lo are amazing at pitching in and helping with the littles, but they have their own things too.

Today, we finally got some time as a family to get the rest of the secret sibling gifts for Christmas. Leigh and I also got to find their stocking stuffers together while Lo and Fina watched the others.

Then, the rush to prepare for their recital. This recital was a mess to prepare for. They chose a group piece--"God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" which they practiced and performed very well. Lo struggled over choosing a piece to perform, though. She finally succame to performing "Numb" by Linkin Park. And, she knocked it out of the park! She played very well and we are so proud of her poise. Will chose to perform "Imperial March" on his drums. His perfectionism got the best of him yesterday, though and he was panicking. A quick session with Leigh to help his confidence was necessary, but difficult to squeeze in amid the rest of the mess. Mack chose "Twinkle" and "Lightly Row" and played well too.

This week has been insane with lots of struggles to overcome. And, too much yelling from me. We conquered it though. And are looking forward to a similar week next week.

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