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Moving, and other woes

So, we have wanted to live in a country-ish setting for a while now but hadn't been in a position to change anything. Now we are for various reasons. But the process is a PAIN. Leigh and Will with their anxiety aren't making it any easier either. Will has SO many questions about what ifs and we can't brush them off or he will fixate. We must answer every little musing that comes from his 11-year-old brain. I am exhausted. We have only seen nine homes and offered on one. But we have to sell our current home too and while it has been on the market for a few days, there have not been showings. Probably because we listed on a weekday. Coming up on a weekend and we made adjustments so the listing would resend to certain people. The thought of people looking at this home and being where their stuff is is creating more anxiety than the uncertainty of where and when we will be moving. Their security is being attacked in a strange way and they struggle to deal. Packing, unpacking, and actually moving are less problematic as they need finality and certainty. Not only am I managing their anxieties, but I am also directing the process and communicating with our (wonderful) realtor and mortgage broker. (For real, I will give you their info if you want it! They are both fabulous) We made an offer that was accepted contingent on a 72 hour sale of our current home, which is standard, but anxiety inducing. Leigh wanted to throw in the towel. But recognized that was his anxiety speaking and didn't. This is a big growth moment for him. A few years ago, he wouldn't have been able to manage those increased needs. We also had the wise idea a few months back to add a fence to the side of our house to enclose our yard. YAY! Aside the headache of procuring a company to do the install, waiting for the parts, and scheduling, the contracting company made a mistake on the install. We tried to get them to rectify it immediately but they refused to admit to their mistake. I had to work at the farm AND attempt to deal with the company to get the gate fixed correctly. On top of a sick horse (he will be fine, it happens just like with humans). Leigh also had to disclose his autism for the contractor to treat him well instead of with disdain. This should NEVER happen. Leigh's autism is a small part of how he processes the world and all people should be treated well regardless of status. That has all been happening just since Sunday. My wonderful bestie offered me today off from teaching my niblings which I was going to take, but other circumstances meant it was necessary. So, I get an extra day to "chill", process, and do some work. Tomorrow, my realtor, oldest, and said bestie will look at four houses with Leigh on facetime. One might be a winner. One might even allow us to purchase without needing to sell first which would be a huge relief. All the above coupled with Covid number increases, school/orchestra questions with Rory, school for Leigh and myself, issues at the farm have created a really interesting set of needs. I am exhausted from dealing with all the things but I know once it is all said and done, we will ALL feel happier and freer. While this house has been wonderful for the last six years, and was exactly what we needed at that time, we are ready to move on. I am managing everything with oh so many deep breaths!

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