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One of Will's biggest needs is to know what is happening, how, and when. I have to keep up on adjusting schedules and updating him when things are going to change. I was printing new schedules frequently as activities changed and farm days moved. Then I realized I have a laminator and dry erase markers. I printed a simple grid of the week. I color coded each person with black being those things I do or we all do. I can easily update it for weekly changes and cancellations. Will can look at the schedule daily when he comes down for breakfast and know what is happening daily and weekly. Visual schedules have proven helpful for Will and everyone else. I am no longer answering 73 questions an hour about what's next or what's tomorrow. They can look at and read what the plan is and their expectations are met quickly and without involvement from me. If your little cannot read, clip art pictures or actual pictures from your home can replace the words. You can even fix velcro to squares to you can move items from one list to another.

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