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Snippets of the day

A friend pointed out that articles struggle to depict the true exhaustion involved in parenting a child with ADHD and executive dysfunction. I agree that, though I try, words are not enough. I am working on how to vlog my very precious son, Mack, and nephew, Sawyer. However, in the meantime, I thought I would write the occasional interaction that happens to help you get a glimpse. Here is a ten minute time span from just a little while ago:

Me: do you remember how to figure out percent?

Mack: No

Me: ok, this is the equation.

Mack: Oh I remember.

Me: great. You may use your calculator. Where is it?

Mack: In my room.

Me: Go get it.

Mack (30seconds later): I can't find it.

Me: Did you read this book? Keep looking. Last time I saw your room, it was a disaster.

Mack: Yes. Still can't find it.

Me and Mack talking about which books he's read because he needs a new school required book. This is about one minute.

Me: Did you look in your drawers?

Mack: No, it shouldn't be there.

Me: Look in your drawers. Just because that's not where it should be doesn't mean your brain didn't put it there.

Mack: Oh! I found it. In my drawer.

Me: Great. Now, do you remember what you need to do?

Mack: Of course, divide 27 by 50!

Me: Oh My Lord!

Now, if you all followed that, didn't get dizzy or forget what we were looking for or the math problem, I am impressed. I do not struggle with ADHD and that few minutes was difficult for me to experience. We do this dance multiple times an hour. Often, I have three to six others vying for my attention and assistance too. One of them is Sawyer with whom I also have to dance.

These boys have very special brains and if I can help them hone their powers, they will be able to take over the world!

I will continue writing these snippets for your reading pleasure!

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