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SO many arguments

This gorgeous child is three. Three is lovely. Really. It's a year of incredible learning and growth. It's a year of language explosion and independence. She can dress herself, use the toilet, sleeps all night long, feed herself.

Three is ALSO a year of asserting independence and having one's own opinion. Of course, the opinions start at conception here. This little pistol has probably been our most argumentative. She argues against every word from my mouth. She screeches and argues with her siblings too. And her father. No one is safe.

I often descend into screaming back at her because she's unmoving and stubborn. If it wasn't her idea, she's not doing it without a fight. Or, if it was her idea, she's going to do it regardless of outside forces.

I don't enjoy screaming at any of my kids and I try hard not to do it. Sometimes, I can take a breath and count to ten and deal kindly with an argument. Reasoning my way through her stubbornness and arriving at an amicable solution is one of the most challenging things I do each day, though. By the time I've done it 1000 in one day, I'm tired and lack the ability to address anyone calmly anymore.

While screaming is far from my preferred mode of communication, it happens more often than I'd prefer. I apologise, though. Apologizing doesn't take away the hurt felt from the scream, but taking responsibility is important and a steep toward healing.

Hug your babies as often as your weary soul can manage. Tell them you love them. But they know already.

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