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Trauma and giftedness

I have posted before about my own journey with grief and acceptance regarding different diagnoses my children have received. As an adult who had support growing up and dealing with grief, I have been able to accept, feel, and move past those feelings. I am sure I processed much differently than my peers, but never dived into why or how. I have been blessed with a life largely free of trauma, but that is not a typical adult experience. Now, some lovely professionals are exploring how gifted people process and move through trauma differently than neurotypical people. A fellow gifted mom who studies grief and trauma heads Makana Soul.

Makana Soul is offering a FREE workshop for parents regarding Trauma and the Gifted Child on Saturday, April 24 from 3PM - 4PM (CST). Registration link: There is also a separate session for school staff as some of the information and strategies are different.

Michelle Vignon has compiled many tools she would like to share with parents and teachers to better help their gifted littles process traumas. The first 100 to sign up for the above event get the information and help for free!

Please reach out for more grief and trauma resources. You and your precious littles don't have to go it alone! <3

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