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When the world melts

It might seem we have more bad times than good, but we don't. We have great successes too. Days when everyone follows the schedule and I don't have to rub my eyes, breathe deeply, and count to ten before addressing situation after disagreement. Today. Is not that day. I have weathered an argument more than once an hour. From multiple people. I have counted to ten more times than I can count. I have facilitated more disputes than I had time for. School was accomplished decently well. There was even a cooperative practice between two strings players that lead to improvement in the piece for their upcoming recital. It didn't even include an argument. Since then, the world has exploded here at Rogers' Ranch. Most recently, I just facilitated a discussion regarding how to address the sticks and connectors they'd created a desk tent from. Will, who has autism, didn't like going under the structure to access toys he was using. He also didn't like how dark it was under the tent. His biggest issue, though, was that he was concerned that the sticks were bearing too much weight and were going to break. We were able to work through that and come up with a potential, long term solution, but the structure had to be disassembled to accomplish it. That was met with opposition that I had to quell too. And, of course arguments as they're destroying it to put the pieces away. It has been a day. It has been weeks, actually, of struggle.

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