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If you have watched Grey's Anatomy, you know that Christina and Meredith are each others' "person". They are the confidant, accountability partner, sounding board, and more for one another. Both rise up to support the other through every tribulation in the series. They get each other, and demonstrate an undying companionship even after distance. For a long time in my parenting journey, I didn't have a person. I have written before about my village of three families who all have intense kids. They are my people. They get me. They get my kids. More than that, they love us. Over our four years of friendship, we have all experienced trials that might have caused others to step away. "It's too much". Rather than walk away from hard times, the four of us mothers have grown closer. We have lifted each other up, and come to the rescue. Whether a basement flood, illness, divorce, extended family struggles, or simply a bad day; we have come together and cheered on rather than torn down. When one of us is up, we rejoice together. We share memes and laughs. We commiserate school troubles, and drama. They're my people. A more concrete example of just how awesome my people are is that we are planning on hanging out with one of them soon. We thought about trying a new location, but when I expressed Will's struggles as of late, she suggested freely that we go to a familiar locale, and help him out. I knew I wouldn't have to ask for that sort of treatment from her, but it still warmed my heart that she knew just how to help Will. Especially since the two have enjoyed a less than awesome rapport sometimes! Both other moms have designated spaces in their homes where Will can get away from the chaos that is our time together. They recognize and respect his needs, and give space. They talk to him differently than they do with the other kids. They get him. I encourage you to find and keep this kind of people. If you don't have them already, and need some safe venting space, I am here. This is a judgement free zone. I will lift you up, and encourage you. I will give it to you straight. But you will know that I love you and your children without judgement. Just as you are. Through hard times, and good. I will be your person.

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