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Because we needed more

For 15 years, my husband, Leigh, and I have wanted THIS dog.

She is a 6 month old Siberian Husky. She is gorgeous, smart, feisty, and full of energy. We had to house and potty train her. We are working on leash and yard training her too. We also have to dog train the kids because this is their first dog. Especially, this kid...

She is three so she knows everything. She refuses to listen to wise council about how to interact with Ruby. She has been nipped several times because of it, but still won't listen to our warnings about putting her hands inside the dog's mouth! She will eventually get it on her own. In the meantime, we never leave them alone together. As if training the dog and the kids (along with all the other daily life things) weren't enough, it would appear that Ruby also has some food sensitivities. Probably to soy. But, we have been dealing with lovely stools and switching foods and playing the guessing games about why her stools are as they are. We have consulted the vet and had some testing done. It really looks like a food thing so we are now working on finding the right food. In the meantime, we have a kennel to clean at least once through the night. Last night, it was twice. And, the smell.

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