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Changes are inevitable in life. Some don't mind them, and can roll easily with the tides. Others struggle some. Others struggle massively. Will is one who sees changes as a personal afront to his way of life. And lately, we have had a lot.

First, he lost access to his beloved farm due to Covid-19. In an effort to protect the family who run it. Next, he lost the library. And all his favorite outings--zoo, museums, etc. After all that, his best friends who are like family. Finally, his sense of stability and security with home normalcy because of my going to work outside the house to make up for Leigh's paycut.

The need for me to be away for nearly 9 hours several days a week is taking its toll on his abilities to cope. Leigh is wonderful, and holding to the routine I create with the kids. But Will's normalcy is flipping all over, and he's struggling to stand. When I first started working, we went to one schedule. Next week, my schedule at work is changing, so the schedule at home is too. The saving grace about that is I will be home for more of their waking hours than I will be away. That will help Will, and everyone else. I will be beyond tired.

Will has now endured several schedule changes in the last month. He is coping. But he is struggling greatly. A schedule is essential for him to remain somewhat balanced, but changing it weekly doesn't help at all. Hopefully, after this next change, we can remain static for a month or more, and life can calm.

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