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Chaos Manager

If you're here, you're a parent of at least one child who doesn't fit the mold of society. You manage more than the typical parent. Typical parents have primary care doctor appointments, school, homework, parent/teacher conferences, sports, music, friend gatherings, and regular household chores. Parents of special needs children have all those things AND therapy appointments, specialized doctors, psychiatry, psychology, IEP or 504 meetings (or both), intermittent teacher meetings, notes or texts home about poor school behavior, after school meltdowns, homework fights, and so much more. You are no longer mom or house manager. You are chaos manager. It is long walks with energetic people...and pup. It is messy. It is exhausting. It is ugly. It is multitasking. You wouldn't trade your kids with autism, adhd, spd, 2e, or whatever else for anything. But, a break would be lovely.

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