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Forced family fun

Yesterday, we walked through a local downtown area and watched a very long parade. It was rather chilly and we had taken the dog. Who broke her leash. It was disorganized. It was cold. There were demands. But, there was fun. Everyone, though cold, had a good time. Watching the parade was tricky as adults had positioned themselves standing in front of us. We stood on a bench and I still had to lift Kae up. Will and Mack stood on the top of the back of the bench. Leigh and Ruby kind of saw a few parts. Ultimately, it was fun, though. Will certainly needed time after, though. Parades and all the people are a lot for him. He enjoys them though.

We also had time to walk along the river a bit. Nature is a safe space for most of us. Though Will takes issue with the trees, especially hibernating ones, along paths, he still enjoys being outside. The peace that this kind of image encourages is something we all need in life. The sound of the water, the smell, the coolness. Will calms. Finding little gems like this to escape to as a family helps us all reconnect in the crazy of life.

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