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Happy Tales

I have written a lot about the struggles we experience daily. However, we also have lovely days. We have days in which school is completed without tears or fights. Days when everyone plays together nicely and solves issues without mediation. Days when no one makes demands of me to fulfill immediately. Days when everything goes smoothly. These days are few and far between. They usually require a miracle of sorts too.

Today has been an okay day, though. Yesterday too. Both days saw cooperation. Both struggle. I know Will won't like dinner. Kae can't eat it because she has been vomiting again. Just once, but we still go lightly with food for a while. Will asked for many hugs, but Mack only one. Kae made many demands and has had little patience, but she is recovering. And hungry. Rory and Fina have been going above the call of duty in helpfulness too. Even Will offered to help Kae with her gloves.

The struggles continue to permeate our daily life, but some days see calm times too. Some days I only sigh and count to ten twice instead of twice an hour! There is light at the end of the tunnel. There will be days of light and laughter. Some weeks, there are even more light days than heavy ones. Though, most weeks are the opposite.

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