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Therapists, counselors, and psychologists, oh my

I am sure many of you utilize therapists or counselors in various capacities. We began our own journey to counseling three years ago. At that time, we had state insurance, so our options were very limited. However, we were able to see the counselor without paying a copay. We didn't love the first counselor we had, but she was ok. She was kind, Will enjoyed her, she had some experience. However, we felt we had tried everything she was offering us. I continually asked for new ideas and received nothing. We ceased the relationship because the benefits were no longer outweighing the cost. After we stopped seeing this counselor, we took a break from therapy all together. Then, Will asked to begin again, so I tried to find a new person. We "interviewed" three and still didn't find a great fit. They were ok, but not fabulous. Since Leigh had gotten a new job with insurance we could afford, we were no longer copay free for services. I had to be more choosy since our costs for sessions had increased. Since we didn't love any of those we interviewed, we hit pause again. Will was dong fine, so we didn't see a rush. Recently, he asked to see someone again. I began the search anew. We saw a gentlemen Will and I both liked. He recognized Will's brain wasn't going to accept the child-like therapy most 10-year-olds benefit from. He knew he needed to mix approaches and find some compromise between child and adult. However, we again had to find the money to pay the copay. We go monthly to him because that is all we can afford. Thankfully, there is a University nearby that has a counseling program. Part of the program is that students in the master's and doctorate programs practice counseling and are recorded so they can learn and their advisors can help them improve. We saw a lovely woman who was a doctoral candidate. She homeschools like us and understood that aspect of life. She also understood Will's giftedness. However, life happened and she was no longer able to continue the program. As a result, we had to switch practitioners, but all the students were taken, but the leader was available. Or cease. We chose to continue with the coordinator for the program. We have had one meeting with her. And while she is nice enough, I didn't feel she did as much with Will or Mack as the previous counselor had. This is a fully credentialed practitioner, but I felt better with the student. As we have met with her just once, I will wait until we see her at least a few more times to decide our course of action. Because this is typically a student program, visits are free. We can afford to continue testing it. TLDR; Finding a good therapist who meets all your needs is an expensive, time consuming endeavor. The search also eats at your soul and resolve. There are many days I feel that quitting and handling things on our own would be the better part of valor. But Will asks for counseling. So I continue to forge on and try to get him someone who really fits him. Someone who will help him work through life changes. Maybe even someone who will follow him into adulthood and help us help him become independent.

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